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Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire is also referred to as the Girdle of Fire.

In my books, it is the home to the embodiment of the goddess Aphrodite-Oceanea.

Starting in the year 2022, mass droughts reveal figures and idols to the ancient goddess that had not been previously documented in known history.

While there were no documents discovered with the idols, some rocks mentioned Aphrodite-Oceanea. Many of the figures were mermaids or mer-like, while some had an almost alien or extra-terrestrial quality to them.

Aphrodite-Oceanea is the goddess of surfers, sailors, and all others who love and worship the sea.

There is a long history of Aphrodite being worshiped in the ancient seaports of Europe and the Middle East. These are the first idols found of her in the Americas and are seemingly specific to the Ring of Fire-particularly the West Coast of the United States, where the idols were first found.

This is a fictional account, web series, and story developed by me and is copyrighted to me.

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