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Swan Maidens

Vampire Masquerade


Father Sebastiaan DID NOT coin the term “swan” in relation to the vampyre or werewolf. As you can easily read above, the terms have been interrelated for centuries. For his purposes, within the vampire role-playing community, they use the term “Black Swan.” His interpretation and use of the term has NOTHING to do with the actual customs or ways of the vampyric race. His lexicon, rituals, beliefs, and customs are entirely fictional and human. As with Vampire Masquerade, there is some basis to the lore used by these humans. They have monetized an information breach that occurred in the late ’80s/early ’90s that allowed them access to certain legends and workings of the vampyre–from which they have fed off of ever since. This information was not sanctioned for their use in any way or by any member of the vampyre race.