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Serpent Lore

This is from a forum comment and has some interesting Biblical observations. The full comment can be viewed at the link as this one is edited.

“The first Divine Law was not to mix the Adamic seedline with any of the other trees in the garden. The serpent was pleasing to her eyes because the serpent was a man (Nachash). Eve took of the fruit (seed line) and did “AW-KAL”=lay with the serpent and she gave also unto Adam [the man] and he did eat “AW-KAL”=lay with Lilith the mistress of the serpent/dragon. There was no juiced up apple or fruit hanging from a tree. The only thing hanging was two and then four on the ground. Why would The Father punish Eve and all women with pain during child-birth if all she did was eat an apple? Why not just make all of her teeth fall out? Eve said “ The serpent beguiled me. “Naw-Shaw”=wholly seduced me and I did “AW-KAL”=lay with. The first Divine Law had been broken. Jesus The Father said to the serpent because thou has done this, you are cursed above every “beast of the field” including the Enosch/Chevyah=other 2 legged beings/Book of Jonah that had hands and feet that could walk up right, upon by belly shalt though go. Your children will be cursed and cannot grow their own food. I will put enmity or hate between thee (serpent/dragons seedline) = John 8:31, 44,47 and the woman (racial bride of Israel/the mans offspring or seed line) not Israel/the nation. When we turn to the Bible for knowledge and instruction, we are informed that the “beasts of the earth and field” were “created” among the lower “kinds of flesh” to fill their place in the Divine plan where they would be most needed. Their leaders had feathers in their heads.They were given erect posture, well-developed hands and feet, articulate speech; withal, tool-making and tool-handling bipeds (two-footed beasts) – possessing the essential characteristics to fit them for their position as servants.

The third chapter of Genesis opens with this statement: “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which The Alpha & Omega had made.” Here a beast of the field is introduced who is described as “more subtil” than any other of his “kind.” The Hebrew word translated “serpent” is nachash who, among his “kind”, was the most gifted.”