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My friends back in the ’90s ran the gamut. Some were, and I believe still are, devoted. Others were paid and used as lures for horrific acts, with some of them fully volunteering and enjoying what they were doing. Would we have been called nerds? Maybe by some of the humans who wanted to be us. Hardly in our scene. But perhaps there is another take on the name of our group that appeared in another book series out there.

Given the re-imagining of a popular franchise, do I happen to know anyone named Beaufort or Beau? Yep, I knew someone named Beau who lived in Reno during 1991. He was a skateboarder and graffiti artist. Not sure if I took this particular picture or not but one night I went out with a friend named Tiffany T. and these three guys -Benny, Beau and I think Mark (not sure on the third name). This one looks to be at a party but one night we went to a park and I took some photos. Benny wanted the one I took of them. We did not hang out for long, and Beau has since passed away.

Do you know what Aro means? No, but I know what Oro means and it has a connection to my book title.

Is any of your family from Italy? Yes, my great-grandfather was born in Sicily. My great-grandmother was born in the U.S. but her parents were born in Sicily. Both spoke fluent Italian.

Is Oro an Italian word? Yes, but I am using it in a Spanish/Portugese context.

Eleazor Evans is in our line. I am not sure of the source for the book character.

My grandparents lived in Port Angeles, WA. The documentation of this is below.

I find it odd that someone with ties to the Mormon Church, the largest genealogical organization in the world, had to use census records and tombstones in England for names. Why didn’t she use her own family history or the cemeteries in Arizona and Utah?

She didn’t go to Italy where the Volturi were supposedly from to get names or any history. She didn’t even visit Forks. The book was supposedly written entirely from Arizona. I grew up on Whidbey Island and my grandparents lived in Sequim, WA-which is on the Olympic Penninsula.

So if I was guessing, where did the word “Volturi” come from? Probably the cartoon, “Voltron.” But, being serious, it “would” be derived from the word, “vulture” and the group would be the “vulturi.”

I have not been able to bring myself to read the books or watch the movies yet.

I am guessing Jasper Hale is from Texas and that is why she checked the rosters there but no Jasper Hale’s were in the Civil War from Texas. There was a Jasper Aaron from Texas and a Jasper Hale from Connecticut.

I did not know a Jasper Whitlock, but I remember a Phil and Brian Whitlock from our circle of friends.

One should also note that “diamonds” is very close phonetically to “daemons.” I am certain that was not lost on a writer attending a religious college.  The word “diamond” also has the ancient Greek root as “adamas”-which means “invincible,” “unconquerable,” and “unbreakable.”

There really are messages everywhere.

Okay, that was the sparkle. Can you explain why baseball?
I cannot recall playing a baseball game but it might have happened. I knew several people super into baseball and one of them was named Ron.

However, the baseball reference would go back to the Maya people of Mexico. The Mayan had a bat god named Camazotz. In their culture, the people honored their gods by playing the game and then practicing ritual sacrifice. There are a number of ball-playing fields dotting Chiapas and Guatemala. It is thought that the losing team’s captain was the individual sacrificed.

You can read more about it in the Popol Vuh.

Any other insights? The tie to Aphrodite via this shell.

Any other ties?
Yes, both Twilight and House of Night have a “hunter” or “tracker” character named James.

I have not read the final published copies of the Twilight series yet due to PTSD from that part of my past.

I am not sure why James would be hunting or tracking Bella as a human. Mine were hunting and tracking me as a vampyre.

My great-grandfather was born and raised in Scotland. He later moved to Newfoundland.

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, I put my trust in the wrong member of an Evangelical cult. I am also a baptized Catholic and my grandmother is a devout Catholic.

Again, I welcome either author to personally publicly state, detail, and prove that neither story came from me or details about my life.