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First, I am of what they called the “three.” Most of the non-hybrid are considered “pure,” but actually contain the blood and lineage of vampyre (elven), blood born witch and werewolf. However, misunderstanding by human-hybrids of this concept and our true histories, as well as the theft of information, led some to view those “of the three” as a lesser species. I performed what is known as “service” with the vampyre and werewolf, but I identify as vampyre. Aren’t I much more than this? Yes, I am also of the Djinn and a Goddess. Some would say I am an alien species as well but I am an architect and creator of such things. So why did I call myself “the three” instead of the “five” or “eight”? Because of our kinds, none other can be a goddess. I am of many faces but being of the three unites us.

In Romanian, the term is “trei vene.” In German, it is the “drei veinen.” In Italian, it is the “tre vene.” And in Portugese, “três veias.”

In Tajik, the term is “ce par.” It is pronounced ce rag, and there is a line that sounds similar to zehreg, which might be of the three, as well as a Pakistani city known as Zeh Reg. As touched on in the Central Asian page, the Tajik and Pakistan are important areas for wolf stories. The area of Gorno is also significant.

Those of actual tri-lineage are the true descendants of the elven races. Why not of the mere? Yes, the first was of the mere but we are now land-based so the focus is on the elven/alpin.

What does this mean? I am a natural born (blood born) witch. This is in the Nicholas de Vere sense of the term and not the human “hereditary” type witch. Ours is not necessarily passed down traditions or practices–it is a latent ability literally in our bloodlines.

Second, my magickal training began when I was 7. Please do not write to say this is not possible or your training did not begin until you were an adult or while you were sitting in your bedroom as a teenage goth solitary practitioner, etc. My magickal training began when I was 7 and was under the tutelage of a neighbor who happened to be married to a wolf and was a practicing Wiccan high priestess. Often there were so few of the kindred living in an area that we tended to live close to one another when possible. The neighbor’s name was Donna and her son was Ron. Like me, and for obvious reasons, he would later also be included as a character in a major fiction franchise. I moved from that area after turning 8 and my formal training stopped. I continued as a solitary witch from that point until 17.  Being 5 years older than me, Ron’s magickal training was naturally ahead of mine and, at 17, Ron took the reigns for my training for a very brief time. We were even hand-fasted for a quick minute but he cheated on me the next day with an acquaintance and I discovered he was not actually practicing Wicca. I initiated into the Alexandrian branch and later attained the status of 3rd Degree High Priestess. My goal, at that time, was to become a witch queen and, with three covens, I succeeded. However, anyone familiar with my story will know that time was short-lived.

Apparently, despite my ability and hard work, I was being built up to fall. By the time I was 18, my cords and personal property were stolen by humans. I was unexpectedly pregnant at the time and did not want to fight them. That pregnancy would also be brutally taken from me. My kinds turned their backs to me and tried to deny my training and who I was/am. To add salt to those wounds, some humans and hybrids were then allowed to buy their way into covens/the system and one male even took my place among the kinds despite him having no lineage or actual ties. He literally used my family photo album as his evidence.

While it will not be detailed here, I went on to study Thelema, elements of Zoroastrianism, some Luciferianism, ancient Egyptian and Setian magic with the Order of the Vampyre. Given my predispositions and previous experience with Wicca, it had been suggested, at a Philadelphia witch’s council back in 1991, that I study British Traditional Old Craft but the Catch-22 was no one was teaching it in the U.S. One would be surprised how difficult it can be to find formal study in general and when you have a past like mine, in particular.

Having woken up in February 2021, I immediately set out to get my degrees and training confirmed. I wanted what had been taken from me. I reached out to an old mentor who could have confirmed the past, who I was and what I had achieved. Instead, she kept the party line of my having not been initiated and then questioned why I wanted to pursue Wicca. She was not interested in continuing beyond that point.


Given that, I contacted an Alexandrian coven in Nevada. I completed the application/oath and interview process. The High Priestess was in the line of Frater Barrabbas so I was looking forward to working with her. However, she was moving to the East Coast and two people in her coven were hiving off. There was one other student, located in my state, continuing with her but my intuition said something was off so I decided to look back at British Traditional Old Craft.

I then reached out to a British old craft coven and was told that I was demonstrating too much self-interest for their tastes:

I am well aware that many in the magickal community have faced discrimination and blacklisting so this behavior is disappointing, but not rare. Then I realized that the blockages were likely rooted in the fact that I was trying to learn systems of magick designed by and for humans.

So I am standing the ground on what I trained in, what I attained and who I am. 

Finally, all of that being said, there are not many vampyre witches. In fact, back in the day, vampyre claimed that witches had a revolting odor and the two did not get along. I have since seen evidence of that stance change, particularly with regards to marrying human witches. There are quite a few humans that label themselves as vampire/vampyre witches but actual vampyre see little need for ritual magick or witchcraft. They have true control over will (or “the current”) and can make manifest what takes humans lifetimes to master. Again, it is important to remember that vampyre are not humans and you cannot relate your experiences or abilities to theirs.

And, contrary to what popular culture teaches, it is not advantageous to “sell” one’s soul. In fat, to be without a soul negates the ability to do magick of any kind. One would become an empty vessel-the walking dead. One extra layer of protection for the soul is baptism. This is controversial with Christians and non-Christians but it is what it is. And, for the vampyre, the preferred faith for baptism is Catholicism. For the werewolf, it is Greek Orthodoxy or Catholicism. Catholicism is extremely old and, if you were to study their practices, you would see that they have more in common with ceremonial magicians and old pagans than other Christian sects. It is one reason why Jehovah’s Witnesses claim Catholics actually worship Satan. While I am baptized in the Catholic faith and do occasionally incorporate those practices, I have no interest in the constructs or mandates of humans–religious or otherwise.

Also, Freemasonry has been associated with the worship and reverence of/for Venus (Eve) rather than Aphrodite.

Until the star is once more associated with the true goddess, the ways of the Freemasons are best left to humans.

I am neither atheist, nor agnostic.

I study elements of the occult, and sometimes practice witchcraft/magick, but my way and “religion” is vampyre.


Here is a old craft YouTube channel I am liking so far