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The Three Magi/Kings
The Land of Sher could be the land of the “lion or tiger.”

In my book,The Goddess Aped, this story takes on a more ominous meaning. That the descendants of Eve are searching for the “shine” or other signs of the serpent line. What then could the gifts mean? Could they have been offerings or assistance with dual meaning and purpose?

First, Levantis was also a title of Aphrodite. What does this have to do with anything? The ancient Greek word for the Frankincense tree is Lívanos.

Livanás – (Libanas; Gr. λιβανᾶς, ΛΙΒΑΝΑΣ = λιβανοπώλης = λιβανωτοπώλης) a dealer in frankincense.

Liváninos – (libaninos; Gr. λιβάνινος, ΛΙΒΑΝΙΝΟΣ. Adjective.) made of frankincense.

Livanídion – (libanidion; Gr. λιβανίδιον, ΛΙΒΑΝΙΔΙΟΝ, dim. of λἰβανος. Noun.) small frankincense tree.

Livanítis – (libanitis; Gr. λιβανῖτις, ΛΙΒΑΝΙΤΙΣ. Noun.) title of Aphrodite, likely referring to some connection to Lebanon rather than frankincense.

Livanízoh – (libanizdo; Gr. λιβανίζω, ΛΙΒΑΝΙΖΩ. Verb.) smelling like frankincense.

Livanóhdis – (libanodis; Gr. λιβανώδης, ΛΙΒΑΝΩΔΗΣ. Adjective.) similar to frankincense.

Livanohtopóhlis – (libanotopoles; Gr. λιβανωτοπώλης, ΛΙΒΑΝΩΤΟΠΩΛΗΣ = λιβανοπώλης = λιβανᾶς. All Nouns.) a dealer in frankincense.

Livanohtídion – (libanotidion; Gr. λιβανωτίδιον, ΛΙΒΑΝΩΤΙΔΙΟΝ, Dim. of λιβανωτἰς. Noun.) small incense-burner, censer.

Livanohtízo – (libanotizo; Gr. λιβανωτίζω, ΛΙΒΑΝΩΤΙΖΩ. Verb.) purify with frankincense smoke.

Livanohtophóros – (libanotophoros; Gr. λιβανωτοφόρος, ΛΙΒΑΝΩΤΟΦΟΡΟΣ. Adjective.) producing frankincense.

Livanohtós – (libanotos; Gr. λιβανωτός, ΛΙΒΑΝΩΤΟΣ. Noun) frankincense, the gum of the tree Boswellia Carterii, used for purification and as an offering. This is the main word for frankincense.

Second, there is some question as to what the actual variety of incense was given as a gift. One variety similarly named to Frankincense is Dragon’s Blood.

Next, there is the whole mythology regarding Aphrodite, her curse of Myrrha, and the Myrrh bush/tree.

Aphrodite is not known to be the goddess of gold but she does have a strong tie to the golden apple that Paris gave to her. That apple is said to be the cause of the Trojan War.

Here the child Jesus is the apple, so the gift was gold.

Finally, there is gold and how it ties back to Eve.

In Hinduism, the Tree of Life is gold. While in other legends, the Tree of Life has gold roots. If we look back to the graffiti of Pompeii where “Venus” refers to “blondie,” we can assume that this must have been a well-known blonde. This could refer not only to Aphrodite, who is typically portrayed as a blonde. Lilith is also sometimes depicted as a blonde. In The Goddess Aped, Venus is a copycat human version of Aphrodite. Again, Eve or her descendant. Could the descendants of Lilith and Samael be fair-skinned and/or fair-haired or perhaps even have strands of hair that look like gold? This could be from where the term, “golden child,” originated.

As a side note, I find it interesting that the latest finding regarding the three kings/wise men was written in Sirach and the men were from “Shur.” Could this have been Sir/Sira and the text written from the line of Ben Sira? It is said that while little is known of Ben Sira’s grandson, he was responsible for translating Sirach into greek. There had even been a relative named Jesus Ben Sira.

It is easy to wonder how much of the philosophy of Ben Shira/Jesus Ben Shiram, as well the Jebusites are in the New Testament? Was there a religious text/philosophy turf war going on?

So with all of this happening, who are the three kings in my book, The Goddess Aped?

Essentially, magician assassins. They put a curse on the child born that night, or some other point in history, as documented in the holy texts-much like Maleficent curses the child in Sleeping Beauty. While the gifts may have seem honorable, reverent and helpful in the moment, their prediction and curse were quite the opposite:

Death of Myrrh.

Poverty of Gold.

The end of immortal Dragon’s Blood but the promise to never grow old.

(From The Goddess Aped, Nicole Anstedt)

Eve was clearly a witch in her own right, and flanked by a devoted and powerful magician.

It would also be interesting to study the history of the Hivites to see if 1) there is any relation to the word “hiva” used with islands in the South Pacific, and 2) if the word is related to “Hewa” and if the source of Ham’s curse has something to do with hers?

And then “magi” and “Medjay” do sound similar.

Gamos is Greek for Marriage.
Magos is Greek for Magician.

Italian for Magician, Wizard, Fortune Teller, Conjurer/Juggler.
Maghi is Old Swedish for Stomach.
Old High German Maho means Poppy.
Portugese Magi means Magician, Sorcerer, Magus.

Hieros Gamos is Holy Marriage.
Hierogamy is between a God and Goddess.
Dagger to Chalice is the Divine Masculine to the Divine Feminine.

Los Tres Reyes
Belgium, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Mesa de los Tres Reyes/Pyranees
Tabla d’eths Tros Rouyes