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Forbidden Fruit

Chrysomela-a little golden beetle or a quince (golden apple). Remember that Zapato means “shoe,” but also “beetle crusher.” And quince has relation to the meaning of Pompeii.

There is also a Smyrna Quince-which you recall Smyrna (Myrrha) proclaimed to be more beautiful than Aphrodite.

It would be interesting to compare concepts of the apples of discord to the forbidden apples of sexual desire.

Again, it was the human who was told not to “eat of the tree.”

That may have been because knowledge of pleasure would create desire and any ensuing jealousy would result in conflict.

Or it could be that Adam was not to procreate with Eve. The original commandment to populate the earth may have been given to Adam and Lilith.

Of course, as a vampyre, the latter is part of my belief system.