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Voltiri is not a word that will produce lots of hits on a search engine. But there is one old Anglo-Saxon document that refers to them being in Scotland. From the passage, Voltiri sounds to be a person or group adn that they travellled

With regards to the Italian city of Volterra, it was known to the Etruscans at Velathri or Vlathri and to the Romans as Volaterrae. The city is believed to have been inhabited since 8th century BC.

So what about the term “Volturi?” The word is Latin for “vulture.” What does this mean? For the Volturi, they pick the bones of their enemies clean. They are stripped of titles, relationships, belongings, etc. While it would make an enemy fearful of the group, the symbol of the vulture was revered in ancient Egypt. However, it represented maternal care and love. And in the Hieroglyphic alphabet, it was the letter “A.”

Sacred to Goddess Nekhbet, the Egyptian Vulture was held in high regard in Roman and Etruscan cultures, where it was known as capovaccaio, meaning “master of cows.” In vampyre society, this could be interpreted as master of humans turned just enough or kept to feed on. There was also an expectation that all members of the house would contribute to the Master’s care and livelihood. But in Spanish culture, the Egyptian Vulture is known as a “dung-eater.”