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In The Goddess Aped, the height of Eve comes from her being a hybrid werewolf or other creature. And that is how the height continues in humans. But where she thinks she is cursed is simply a matter of biology. She gave in to a forbidden craving.

But the migration of the parallel goddesses also shows the migration pattern of Eve and Lilith.

Arduinna would have been the equivalent of Artemis.

If one looks at inscriptions following her suspected consort, Camulus, it looks to be something like a turf war.

The Camulus inscriptions appear in Reims, Arlon, Kruishoutem, Rindern, Mainz, Bar Hill Fort, Sarmizegetusa, and Southwark London.

Both Arduinna/Ardbinna and Camulus have meanings relating to tall hills. Camulus is also thought to mean, “champion” and has some relation to Mars in the inscriptions. So it is believed that he equated with the British god of war.

Interestingly, in a Wikipedia article on a center of Camulus (Camulodunum)

The word, “camus” can mean anything from “crooked or bent” (similar to cambion), to “flat nosed” to “army.” However, one definition I took note of was the relation to the Greek kāmós, which can mean face mask. The reason this stood out to me was due to a Wikipedia photo taken from a child burial ground in the area. The figures seem to have masks on them or actual second heads of some sort. In them, I could see the same ears depicted on Hathor/Isis in ancient Egypt, as well as the bald priest of Isis. Also, it seems that the major centers for Camulus also have theaters. Could Camulus have been not only a magician priest, but also an actor? In this case, until I conduct/find further research, I think that Arduinna and Camulus were humans and impersonating gods.

Obivously, the word “camelot” seems to be related to “camulus” but it is not known which came first or if they involve the same people.

There is also another tie to Indonesia, which we have possibly seen with the Tuatha de Danann, and that is a flower also called the Arudina.