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Another goddess associated with Aphrodite is Dion. Dion is often called the mother of Aphrodite but there is nothing saying they are not one in the same. It is just as likely that Dion Aphrodite was the primary mother goddess who was later supplanted by Zeus. There is also connections to the myth of Adam and Eve. Dion is considered the female equivalent to Zeus as his first wife. He later marries his mortal wife, Hera. Hera (Hawa) is equivalent to Eve. So Zeus would have been Adam.

In the name (De-o-na), you also have the possible roots of Diana and Donna ( like Bella Donna).

Also, the priestesses of Dione called themselves “doves” and the dove is sacred to Aphrodite. And specifically the first of these high priestesses, called the black dove, is said to have originated or come from Egypt.

Doves of Dione