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Sacrifice of Jesus

In my books, The Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon, Jesus (here written as Jeshua for Yeshua) is the son of Adan Adam. He is carried by the goddess (whom Eve calls sister though there is no relation) and is the child of the goddess. However, due to an arrangement with Eve/Mary, Adan Adam and Eve/Mary raise him until the age of 12 when Adan Adam must leave the home because Jesus (Jeshua) is reaching an aggressive age as a werewolf. In this part of the Bible, Adan Adam is called Joseph. He is not referred to again after this time and it is assumed Eve/Mary raised Jeshua. The reason Jeshua is considered an immaculate conception is a mating similar to Zeus with mortals. Eve/Mary claims he is not, in fact, Josephs but was born of God. Why? Because there is no reason for Joseph to leave his current wife for Eve/Mary and it would be looked down upon. By this time, Joseph (Adan Adam) is living quite happily with the goddess and their children. Samael has left the goddess to pursue other endeavors and Eve/Mary has also had a partner in the one sometimes known as Jacob or Patrick or John. With immortality and living among humans comes the need for many names.The goddess had chosen the name Mara/Mari (of the sea) and was then copied by Eve. This is why there are several Marys involved in this part of the Bible.

Eve’s demand for the child are unexpected. She mentions a prophecy and that with her connections, she and Adan Adam will be better suited to protect Jeshua. Adan Adam agrees and, much like the story of Adonis, the goddess must let her son live with his father and step=mother.

In this capacity, Eve/Mary will begin what becomes the evil step-mother trope in fiction as she is the reason that Jeshua is sacrificed. Throughout the depiction of the crucifixion and events leading up to it, there is no mention of Mary other than her being present. No one tries to mount a defense of Jesus or rescue him. In fact, I argue that it is Eve/Mary who riles people up against him behind his back.

At the time of his death, the goddess believes Jeshua safe? Why? Because much like Freya with Baldur, she is given assurances that he is watched over and protected by his disciples and even Mary. Although it was the goddess who gave birth in the manger, the gift of gold from the magi was handed to Eve/Mary as she assumed the role of mother and so she is not poor. What is not detailed in the Bible is how prominent she had become in the Judaic religion and their temples. The goddess believes her word. Despite hearing grumblings from the priests, the goddess decides to set-off to check on another region towards modern South Africa.

One day a messenger comes suddenly to say that Jeshua has not only been arrested but is set for immediate execution.

The goddess rushes back but it is too late. She sees the body on the cross but it is not Jeshua. As his father, Adan Adam took Jeshua’s place. She demands that he be taken down from the cross. As some men do so, she notices that a part of his anatomy is missing. She then realizes why he was sacrificed-for his baculum. That part of him is returned but is missing the bone.

When she inquires of Jeshua, she is shown his body. He was murdered by hanging but authorities are told it was a suicide. They agree to  Eve’s (Mary) demands (bribe with the gold pieces) to label his body as Judas while the actual male known as Judas was a paid actor and has fled.

When the goddess confronts Eve/Mary about the baculum, Eve/Mary says that she was his true wife and took what was hers.

The rage of the goddess was mighty and Eve/Mary trembled. The goddess demanded an end to all sacrifice. In seeing that her life was now in jeopardy, Eve/Mary agreed and the edict was written into the New Testament. Yet, as we will see in the Resurrection, Eve/Mary went back on her word.

In the interim, the goddess is afflicted by such grief at the apparent loss of Adan Adam and Yeshuah that her celestial self returns to be the queen of heaven while the embodiment remains.

As controversial as it may be, here is a fairly accurate depiction of Adan Adam and the goddess embodiment holding him.


So how did Eve/Mary convince others to sacrifice Jeshua? She openly encouraged her step-son to talk of his theories and display his gifts. This made others envious. And then she was able to point out how dangerous he was with those gifts. But she reasoned that if his gifts were taken and then distributed to the faithful, they could be used to benefit them and mankind.

She also told him that he was the son of Adan Adam and therefore, in the absence of Adan Adam, the king not only of the Jews but of all mankind-just as Adan Adam had been declared by God. So when Jeshua asks if he is the King of the Jews, he answers in the affirmative. This affirmation sets him up for sacrifice as a sacred king-something the pagans that she was also speaking to would understand. Jeshua was the son of God but also a king. Under those rules, he was a worthy sacrifice.

The problem for Eve/Mary would be that Jeshua was not human and pagans would not accept his sacrifice. This must have been brought to Eve/Mary’s attention at the time for it is said in the Gospels that, at his trial, Jeshua did admit to or call himself the “son of man.” A confession like this would tell the people and pagan Romans that he was human and able to be sacrificed.

Here is where I believe some scholars get confused about the status and purpose of Moloch for it is in this one part of history that Eve/Mary both sacrifices her child (step-child) but she stands as the “deity” receiving the sacrifice. It is mankind that receives and benefits from the loss.

As I have argued in The Goddess Aped, Azazel (Samael) is used a scapegoat by Eve to justify her own actions. It is one of the main reasons those of the left-hand path insist on self-accountability. Her accusations lead to Azazel being viewed by humanity in a way deserving of Eve and likely Adan Adam.

It is believed that at the time Jeshua is killed and Adan Adam is sacrificed, the people of the area are leaning back toward the pagan ways of the Romans. Eve /Mary is able to play all sides as she is seen as Sarah/Sarai (wife/sister to Abraham), Venus, and now Mary. Why did Eve/Mary insist on being known as both the sister and wife of the king? This is a bit convoluted but angels are not sisters and brothers. Adan Adam and Samael were to mate with Lilith. That would create two distinct lines of beings who could then also breed. The introduction of Eve requires that God adopt her. This means she becomes the sister of Adan Adam, Samael and Lilith even though she is not what they are. The introduction of her being virginal also explains her infertility. However, to rule over mankind she needs legitimacy so she normalizes the taking of two wives-one to give birth to heirs (or as it evolved with vampyre-one as spouse and one as bed maiden). and she normalizes the sister-spouse relationship. We see echoes of this in the modern term, “sister wives,” in which the various wives of a male consider themselves sisters even when not related.

Why did Adan Adam take the place of Jeshua on the cross? It was likely several factors. He was his father-even if he had removed himself from Jeshua’s life. Also, Judaic law requires martyrdom before committing murder so if Adan Adam knew of Eve’s plot, he would insert himself first. And why did Eve/Mary not stop him? Why would she? That would put her even closer to complete control and power.

But why was Jeshua killed if Adan Adam took his place? She first tried to convince him that the death of Adan Adam was his fault. “Your father sacrificed himself for you. It should have been you on that cross. You were the source of all the trouble.” However, Jeshua knew that suicide was a sin and he did not give in to Eve/Mary or her taunting. By now he also saw that she was carrying on with his disciple, John. Because Eve/Mary feared the power he was gaining and could not risk the sacrifice of Adan Adam being explained or further bolstering the young man, she had him killed. She ensured the disgrace and anonymity of his burial by claiming it was a suicide from guilt and that he was the betrayer Judas. Eve/Mary paid two men to take the body and dispose of it outside of the city gates. Most believe it was burned. Those men were then killed as they entered the city and the money given to their assassins. This guaranteed no one would know the truth of who died, who was behind it all, where Jeshua was “buried,” or have access to the body.

Some say they have found the field where it is claimed he was buried but for the purposes of my story, that is not true.

Where did Judas go? To a small island that Eve/Mary knew of with a small temple on it. He had taken the baculum (os penis) with him in order to secure his safety and ensure it remained in tact. Eve/Mary told him that they would come for it later. Why was Adan Adam not acknowledged as a sacrifice? Because he was tainted with original sin. Had Eve/Mary allowed Jeshua to live, the actual identity of Adan Adam would through their timelines into chaos. He would be able to take over the temples and Eve/Mary would have likely been imprisoned or killed. Additionally, his death would atone for nothing. As Joseph, he had not been living as a king so he would not qualify for a shaman death and as Adan Adam, it was known that he was not a human but rather the father of humans.

If we take this a step further, in my story as the goddess embodied, the people attacking me are practicing witchcraft but claiming to be Christians. They should recognize the commandment that all sacrifice cease. We are all considered cleaned of sin in the eyes of the Christian faith. However, in the theft of my belongings, titles and other parts of my life, afflicting me with human maladies and blocking my abilities, they are demanding sacrifice to a God I do not owe sacrifice to as I am not a human. The Bible and its tenets were written for mankind.

Upon recognizing this, Eve and her followers try to force me, as they did with Jeshua, to claim I am human.

When that does not work, they set on a course to force me to live as a human and eventually have to become one.

All of which are forbidden.

Now she faces a new problem. The queen is never sacrificed. So again, they made a significant error. It is the shaman king who is sacrificed.

So she sets her sights on my vampyre husband and my son.

Her first step had to be neutralizing me and my power. Then she had to get the support and love of my former devouts and colleagues. Eve/Mary and her followers had to evolve into pillars and leaders of their groups. Next, she had to secure the love of the vampyre and, specifically, my vampyre husband. This meant separating us permanently. On one timeline she did this through death while in this one she used the forget, gossip, peer pressure, financial pressure, temptations, fear, etc. She had to force him to admit to being human and living as such so that she could continue with the other steps of sacrifice. This was done through creating human temptations and human comradery.

To successfully gain power and control, she keep me in isolation from others of my kind. And she has done the same to my son.

Speaking my truth has caused him and others to doubt me, my abilities and even my sanity.

But nothing in those words actually means we are human. 

So she and her followers have offended the god she believed she could either betroth or replace.