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Akashic Records

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, the vampyre do not have Akashic Records. Our fate is on scrolls that cannot be seen or accessed by humans. A majority of the scrolls remain hidden even from vampyre. It is the humans who have records that some call Akashic and some call Book of Life.

As a fate, I was the keeper of the scrolls and records. I met with humans prior to their birth to work out the fate that they want, need, and are in alignment with (read deserving of).

In my particular story, there is a group of humans who are actively working to change my fate, to take my gifts and abilities, and trade my fate with theirs.

They do not understand that this is not possible. The birthrights stand, as do the fates on our scrolls and the records. If that had truly been possible then there would be many tales about this happening. There are none. And even in my story, what the humans did take, they were told it was limited, temporary, and just a taste.

These humans felt entitled to abuse me and take what I had. There are some stories that Jesus was also brutalized. Were it not for his promise of pacifism, many would have likely died in his effort to defend himself. The same happened to me. The humans likely believed they hit the jackpot and could act as gods and control their own fate-the ultimate display of will and even Luciferianism/Satanism. But they could not. As above, so below.

However, through the threat of death of myself and loved ones, a male human who wants to be a wolf/werewolf forces me to create an Akashic Record for myself. He (faslsely) believes this will somehow make me human and negate my scrolls. His colleagues do not like that I am
“the girl with all the gifts” and feel that I should only get certain blessings after a great deal of pain or should be prevented from receiving my fate or that I should be forced to share with them. None of these are true. I have lived many lifetmes and suffered greatly-more than any of them hadve-and my gifts are my gifts. Yet, the male still prevented me from copying my scroll language into the Akashic Record so there is no mention of children or a mate or health or even specific success in career. He failed to read the other records to understand that they are VERY specific. This means that any areas not covered by my Akashic Record default to my scroll.

To help prove this, I have paid to have my own Akashic Record read. These reports are typically quite general because humans should not be able to access each others records. This would make them try to circumvent their fates or that of other people. The actual records are very specific. So the only true highlight is the underscore that I will be a rich and powerful creator. I am guaranteed power, fame and wealth. This matches the same fate, among others, detailed in my scrolls. Nowhere in my scrolls did it detail that I would suffer the losses I have or the losses that the humans are trying to plan. A female named Crystal tried to take my powers and days later was begging me to take them back because she could not handle them. Those times are done and they will reap what they have sown while I will have the fate guaranteed to me in the scrolls plus reparations for what the humans did to me. They have delayed me and done harm so the probably feel quite successful and powerful. This group needs to remember in 1991 they CHOSE “laugh now” and “cry later.” Their tears are coming and they will not be of joy.

This particular group of humans has claimed to be everything from Satanic to Thelemic to Greek Orthodox, Mormon, and Evangelical Christian. I would guess them to be more of an Atheist bent or worshiping a unique god. It is unknown whether they believe in the scrolls, Akashic Records or even fate. However, whatever their beliefs are, they do not affect me since I am vampyre.

While I will not post, show or allow access to the scrolls, I will share the report of my Akashic Record.