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Kindred Public Service

Public service had once been a hallmark of our kinds. Given our abilities, helping humans in times of need seemed obvious. Even my own family has served in the military and/or worked for the public sector–including myself.

However, I can no longer advocate for nor encourage any kindred joining the military, police, or fire. Of course each has their own path and choice to make but given what I have seen, I would have to conclude that we have been actively targeted and lost too many to the battles humans face. We have supported and fought alongside them for their political independence and personal freedoms. Those times have changed.

During some of my research, I was saddened to see so many kindred on the rosters of the dead for Vietnam. This was primarily blood borne and their human lines. My guess is that they were targeted for drafts but definitely for attack.

Each war has disproportionately taken werewolves. That is not to say the numbers did not include blood borne witches, Mer, and Vampyre because they served and were killed also.

Kindred were also experimented on and taken in great numbers by the Third Reich. Again, this was overwhelmingly werewolves. That experimentation and torture lead to Hitler wanting to create his own werewolf army or an army of forcibly fused hybrids at his command.

I have seen similar patterns in the rosters of the dead for police and fire. Also, at least for the fire department rosters, I saw strange accidents like being crushed.

My position would be for our kinds to segregate once more from the humans and find strength outside of integration–to build our own economies, farms, supply chains, armies, hospitals, etc.

Yes, integration is easier and more pleasant, but we are not protected by the humans and, if anything, assisting them puts at greater risk for harm. Our focus on integration should be for a truce and peace among the Kindred.