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Mormon High Priests

I had a dream once that two men showed up at my house to help me pack our belongings and they moved me to Moab, Utah.

Utah and the Mormon Church have a significant place in my book, Gold ‘n Silver.

As I did not remember events of my past for the last thirty years, there was no reason to give the dream or the Mormon Church a second thought.

I used to joke about the creation of sparkly vampires. Little did I remember…

However, here I am and as I look deeper into the region and the beliefs of the Mormons, I was surprised to see how much of their organization, at least in title, resembles a coven or pagan institution. One of these areas was the station or position of high priest.

Recently, the Church made the move away from the term “Mormon,” in favor of the Church of Latter-Day Saints and the High Priests were brought together under the new umbrella title of “elder.”

This change happened in March 2018 and the Church dropping “Mormon” was announced on August 16, 2018.

Within the previous practices, boys were initiated into the Aaronic Priesthood at 12, and there was a Quorum/Council of the Twelve Apostles. The number 12 is significant not only to the Biblical story of the Last Supper, but also to the typical number of members in a coven who are then led by a High Priestess or High Priest.

And in the time of Jesus it is said that he Judaic High Priest was named Joseph Caiaphas and he was the one believed responsible for sending Jesus to Pilate for his crucifixion. Another high priest was, of course, Aaron. There is believed to have been approximately 78 High Priests over time; however, since the destruction of the Second Temple, Judaism has had no high priest as national sacrifice ceased.