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Time Spiral

One of my favorite toys, when I was growing up, was the Slinky. We didn’t have stairs very often and so it would often just sit there looking like a metal rainbow. But if you think about the spring of the toy, it very much is like time. Time can coil around into different layers, while also collapsing or expanding, but it all starts from one central point and will eventually return to the same. And if you have ever played with a spring, coil, or even the Slinky, then you know there is only so far that you can stretch the metal before it snaps back.

This theory explains the existence of not only multiple planes and dimensions, but how they can co-exist at the same time and how essence or even physical matter could function on multiple levels of consciousness, as separate but interconnected, streams of time and space.

The stretching and condensing is also seen on the electromagnetic spectrum. While the existence of light and colors that humans cannot sense lends credence to the concept that there are dimensions (even within our own space) where life is occurring without our knowledge. This is what humans might refer to as invisibility or perhaps other entities like shadow people (though what shadow people are has not been determined).

As you can see from the pattern of the Ammonite, it is also possibly that people are caught in segments of the time spiral that are running parallel to one another but are actually separate experiences that have normalized to the shared environment. This creates a cross-segment or shared experience in an environment that is ultimately completely individual-thus one’s “path.”

As Dr. Massimo Teodorani has explored, time rotating along an elliptical pattern would also make sense within the stretched spiral (similar to how an electric field and magnetic field are parallel but interwoven). Only a time loop would make sense for day/night and other recurring events unless one is literally experiencing elements of life like “Groundhog’s Day” in a never-ending loop. Though perhaps they have not been in a loop but rather either a simulation ran on the time spiral. All of the spiral levels, while having elements of evolution (meaning perhaps some similarities or familiarities) should be completely different experiences and environments.