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The Draoi are a human order of wizards specifically related to the Druids. Some claim that their magic stems from the teachings of Merlin, while others claim the knowledge of Morganna. The two sides exist side-by-side while those who take their tradition from the Druidic practices tend to stay amongst their own. Of the oldest order, their symbol is the footprint of the wren and their female Draoi are known as the “Jenny” or “Jens.” Their male Draoi are known as “Bo.” This is often interpreted negatively by the Dracoi and Dragul as the foul “Jenny Green Teeth” (from the mossy oak and bogs) and the stench of the Bo’s b.o. To counter this, younger practitioners of the order have taken to calling themselves “Jennifer” and “Robert (Bob)” or simply as “the Wyrd” (dryw backwards). To this, their detractors will often ask the Draoi for the word (wyrd) of the day. Those in the know will also ask if they have any drywood for sale or talk about putting some wood on the fire. The Wyrd are also called the Wren but their critiques call the the Trogs or Troglodytes due to the bird genus. Priestesses turned this around by calling their familiars frogs. These priestesses often wear green or green with purple.

Eve was known to wear  blue or red when pledging allegiance to either the wolf or vampyre and green or purple when among witches and wizards but it is said that her true color was yellow.

Some say that Eve is also the figure Morganna. Those that acknowledge any connection to Eve also claim that the Draoi are not only royal wizards but royalty themselves. This is tied to the golden crest on the wren. Many argue that then ties the wren to the lion. However, the historical etymology of their names does not lend to this. The Germanic Wern means to refuse and, in other languages, the Icelandic Rendillo is similar to words that mean to “be judged,” “to yield,” and “to give back or return.” The continued study of words associated with the evolution of Eve into other historical characters and terms typically results in equally negative definitions and connotations.

If connected to the word “renna,” the old Norse meaning is to make drain or melt. This could be connected to the Wicked Witch of the West melting.

But the most interesting etymological connection to Eve is in her connection to Wern and Were. It may be the source of the confusion of her as a she-wolf or was used to justify it. Here we also see the reference to “strangle” and “to curse.” The word, “were,” also means “man.”