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Jack and the Beanstalk

What does all of this have to do with Jack and the Beanstalk? Remember that one of the inherited gifts/embodiments in my line included such figures as Mother Goose and Red Riding Hood. It is my theory that all of the parables and stories throughout time essentially revolve around and involve the same people/characters.

You will recall that there is a golden egg in Jack and the Beanstalk just as there is a golden egg in some creation myths. There is also a  goose goddess.

Legends and tales of giants are found throughout a number of cultures. When he was younger, my son would tell me that we were characters in a game being played by giants and that the goal was to be the last one standing.

And what of Jack? Try the Biblical Jacob and Jacob’s Ladder.

The two field photos I took while I was passenger in a vehicle. We were heading to Oculus Anubis in Damascus, OR at the time. They were taken within seconds of each other and clearly show an object in one of the photos. Although blurry, there do appear to be rungs or some similar shape toward the top of the anomaly. These photos were taken with my phone camera and not put through any editing other than to crop the image to make it bigger. No filters were used.