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Desert Gods

As the Silver State, Nevada is the perfect setting for the wolven. Being next door in the Golden State, the vampire found their home in California.

Who would have looked for us there? All of us blood-born living in the desert Southwest. Apparently, lots of people.

So much would change that summer. Like my counselor said, they took everything from me.

I was what myths were made of. What humans said could not exist. An abomination. They said I had been given too much and was unworthy. The others wanted what I had and threatened everything I loved to get it.

With vampire having to migrate to the City of Roses and the witches exiled to the Emerald City, what would I remember, and what of my own world would still remain?

They forced the soul coma to keep me silent, while they played pawns in a game of checkers.

He told me not to try clawing my way back. Not to seek my rightful place.

I was the most powerful being on earth-a goddess, with the blood of the vampyre, wolven and witch within me.

Back then, I thought we were all on the same side. I was wrong.

Thirty years later, nothing’s changed.