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When my Nani left Las Vegas, she moved to Fallon, Nv. I lived there from 4-6 years old and then moved to Carson City with my father. I would later attend Carson High, Wooster High (briefly), Reed High (briefly), and then graduate from McQueen. My mom’s best friend was named Rose. For some of the time my step-father worked as a police officer. His father was an editor at the Sacramento Bee and lived in Lake Tahoe. He and my mother divorced so we moved in with my uncle and Nani. My mom and I saw The Rose and Grease at the Fallon drive-in, and she met the man she has been married to ever since at a Blues Brothers movie playing at the Fallon Cinema. He was in the Navy and there on training. Shortly after they got engaged at Disneyland and moved to Whidbey Island

While none of us attended High School in Churchill County, I thought this was an interesting fact about their mascot.