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Before the arrival of the jackal, the lands of Egypt were guarded and ruled by the werewolf. This was alongside several other races, including the dog-headed people and the vampyre. From the southern realms came the jackal to lay siege to the werewolf and other kinds. -Nicole Anstedt

The way of the arrow would be of importance-particularly noted among the Dog Soldiers of the Pawnee. Their roots are in ancient Egypt and beyond. -Nicole Anstedt

(It should also be known that the true, original author-me- of a certain famous book may have inserted an ancient werewolf name -see above- as the progenitor of a fictional vampire clan, if not race, so that those of the kinds would know it was not written by a human. The human who stole the work as their own should have realized that the true, original author-me- was never going to cooperate. Only humans and human-hybrids siding with humans would have then associated with the human or their family/friends. This would make identifying the traitors and betrayers of our kinds easy, undeniable, and  beyond any defense. )