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South Africa Dupe

Vampyre do not experience time the same way that humans do. Period.

This will be difficult for humans to wrap their brains around. However, I experienced 1960s-1980s surf culture first hand with a documented “birth” in between.

Throughout my lifetimes, there have been females who have tried to pass themselves off as me or who have handlers devise plans to pass them off as me.

I had and have ZERO interest in helping humans with their success. They have fates. Before you scoff, how many of you would help someone with the entirety of their career for free or give them million or billion dollar ideas for no money and no credit? I doubt any of you would. Yet it was absolutely expected and demanded of me. I am not a slave. I do not belong to humans. Nor am I your Santa Claus. Those that took from me, owe me credit and money for ALL of it.

In my story, this cover of the June 1969 Teen Magazine is one of those times. They typically would wait until I was transitioning or “about to pass” for a “rebirth.” Most of the time I was stuck behind the camera or “cloistered” and “undocumented.” I was told it was to protect me and my identity. However, I believe that hybrids worked with humans to set-up these types of situations where one of their own could benefit from pretending to be me or be mistaken as me.

The surfboard and elephant were to “signal” my roots in South Africa. All the girl had to be was blonde.

Surf Corps was something I founded/was interested in and so I had asked that it be featured. It was, but oddly slapped on the board.

So, I am not saying this model is South African (she is not), a surfer (she is not), or that she had anything to do with a plot to benefit from pretending to be me. There were even times when I posed for photos (some voluntarily and some not) thinking I was making my debut only to find a human in my place. I am not saying that happened in this situation.

One can tell from her teeth that she is clearly human. You can also tell from her face shape.

Of course all of this will be denied. People have a (HUGE) vested interest in calling me crazy and ensuring I look that way. If they can deny I was there or that they knew me, the humans and hybrids believe they are one step closer to discrediting my claims and owing me nothing.

However, the system does not work that way.

This is just an example of how people took advantage of my anonymity to gain from me and the Kindred while not being me or Kindred.