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The symbol of my first coven was the bee. In fact, our high priestess was known as Bee and all of us took magical names that ended in the -ee.  The lineage of the priesteses in the coven was supposed to be that of a royal or natural witch (blood) nature. However, there were a number of members who I know did not have the required lineage. In this instance, I can see where the bee would symbolize royal lines much like it did with the ancient Egyptians. That said, I am also curious about the language used in the identification of the bee on Childric’s grave. Prior to this, there had not been documentation of the bee or fleu-de-lys representing the Merovingians. Could the small creatures depicted actually be a dragonfly, a flying ant or even a fairy?

Given the traumatizing and life altering events that happened to me in Utah, I was quite intrigued to learn that the Mormon Church has been vying to show their direct lineage to Jesus and, thus, be the “true” monarchs of the European houses/countries.

As many know, the Mormon Church is the largest repository of genealogical information in the world and it is not just on members of the church or even people located in Utah. Rather frightening was a project going on in Salt Lake City a few years back trying to collect data on the descendants of the Salem Witch Trials. Was this to aid them in some future witch hunt, to “hunt” heirs now or to perhaps prove their own descent from those same witches? I am not sure. None of those reasons sound fruitful or promising for anyone outside of the church.

There had long been warnings to the descendants of the Plantagenets, and even the Vere, to be careful because there were those “hunting” the line. It had been assumed that this was the Catholic Church (as depicted in popular media) but it might have actually been precursors to the Mormon Church. Now whether this was early Illuminati/Satanists, it is difficult to reach that conclusion. That would require the Mormon Church to concede they also are a Satanic Church. What they do believe, however, is that Jesus and Satan were brothers and both were demi-gods or supernatural beings. Could this be the brother known as James? Simon? Or perhaps the attributed author of the Gospel that goes against almost all of the teachings ascribed to Jesus–Thomas?

I do not believe in an entity named Satan. That is a name given to an ancient king-Tyre. I do believe in Lucifer but see Jesus as his descendant and not his brother. So in this cosmology, is the leadership of the Mormon Church attempting to debunk the lineage of any non-Mormon to the Merovingian dynasty? 

And authors have speculated that the Mormons purposely mapped out the territory of now modern Utah as it related to meridian lines. It makes me wonder, given the number of us present in places like San Francisco and Reno, where those cities are in relation to meridian lines as well.