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When I moved to Reno, I still had contact with people I knew from Carson City. At McQueen, I also met Tiffany T. and Taryn A. They would be two of the people I hung out with the most until I met Karin F. I am sure there were others but I cannot remember them. I had many more friends when I was still consciously walking among and acknowledged by the supernatural community.

Taryn (various spellings) has been a fairly common character name in vampire fiction for a reason. There is a real taryn and she lived in Reno. She loved horses and lived on a small ranch. I cannot remember why we stopped talking–maybe we just drifted apart. We were an unlikely pairing in some ways. I would go to Java Jungle with her and her boyfriend. One time she took her mother’s car that had been specially equipped to accommodate her mother who was quadriplegic after falling from their home roof. Taryn did come to vampyre events with me and desperately wanted that life.

I’ve chosen not to show her face since there is a name tied to it. The photo looks like she wrote her name as Toryn. Given some events at Pyramid Lake, I figured she was likely of a hunter line, so that was probably intentional, but her name was Taryn and she was a grade lower than me.