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Intellectual Property

Do not copy, reproduce, or share the content of this website (including design, images, and content).

The concepts and ideas for my books, covers and content are mine-period.

None of my story concepts, ideas or content are for sale for the use of others or free for others to rework as their own.

This week I found two examples of writers with similar covers and concepts as mine.

I do not have to hide my “trade secrets” to be secure from those incapable of coming up with their own original ideas, stories, or designs.

I use my website as an incubator and showcase for my creative ideas and theories. It is not a repository of ideas for dried up “creatives.”

No reader-famous or not- can claim them, try to use them first, rework them, or use them at all. They are already claimed by me and I will use them when I am ready.

It also is not fair game to borrow details from my experiences or life. Those are also claimed and owned by me.

If intellectual property theft is what you are reduced to-find a new profession.

I copyright all of my manuscripts. All cover design, photography and original web content is also copyrighted.

For those who have taken ideas or concepts that are mine, be fully prepared to be exposed publicly, to have your agents/publishers contacted, and legal action taken when warranted.

Your actions will NOT be tolerated or ignored.