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Alien invasion causing a 500 year period of unknown human history sounds crazy, right?

Read: Destroyed, tightly controlled, and not allowed to be created. How do you go from written histories pre-dating this to none otherwise? That was not due to the fall of the Roman Empire. Ask what really could have brought down a geopolitical complex like the Roman Empire? In-fighting? Small warlords and bands of warriors? Disease? Was any of that really new?

Yes, antibiotics. However, read these and then ask questions.

And this. But think farmer exploitation rather than corporate employee.

I own my intellectual property in its entirety. I will no longer allow content and creative companies (or anyone else) to harvest my ideas, thoughts, DNA, histories, life events, or my dreams. No one gave me credit for these being my histories, ideas, work, etc. No money was given to me and no accolades or fame. Their own covenants and accords require that be made correct with me. More of these announcements are forthcoming.

Still, it shows another intellectual and creative decline. Who owns media and social media outlets? How would people create works or print them in the age of the Cloud and Streamed Media? Any elimination of those applications and the information within would disappear.

Finally, this.