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Venus in Art

The Venus Urbino is a peculiar piece to me. There are subsequent drawings to the Titan painting and each seems to depict a different face.

In most of them there appears to be two women in the back of the painting. In my book, The Goddess Aped, there were supposed to be two paintings made. One would depict me as Aphrodite and one would depict Eve as Venus. There was one painting. In the Titan version, the woman at the clothing chest is kneeling beneath another woman with a dress or other clothing over her shoulder. However, in the story I write Aphrodite was forced by an angel to stick her head in a chest to hide her identity. That is why the angel’s sleeve is rolled up, it is a threat. The subsequent drawings even show what seems to be a penis in the fingers of Venus and may be a male or even the angel. The female in that drawing is near two males and one of them is assisting her in putting on a cape. In my book, Aphrodite is being forced to gather her clothing and vacate the home she is in.