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Imagine you and your people are existing peacefully on Earth when ambassadors, refugees, scientists, horticulturalists, and others from different planets and galaxies come to your planet. They have every intention of taking the planet over and so they hunt your kinds. For those remaining, they are told that if they do not look human, they will be hunted and killed. Humans are told these people never existed.

For all the talk of human lands being taken, no one speaks of our land being taken from us. It was forcible. As Maori legends tell, we were spied on. Our kinds kept to themselves. It was the humans, time and again, that would invade our lands and try to take from us or harass us into leaving.

Our kinds were blonde-haired and fair-skinned. This is well documented in Polynesian legends. These legends are not creation myth. They detail a people that were on the islands prior to Polynesians. I reclaimed Haole because it was named after werewolves and dog-people. In isolating them as outsiders, it was easier for humans to take our lands and seize our resources.

We are not the foreigners on these lands and never were–humans are.

Over time, depictions of us (such as those known as Meneheune) have been altered to look more Polynesian.

And who were the original surfers? Descendants of the merfolk. Werewolves. Vampyre. Not humans.

In some languages, the word “nani” means to swim. Nothing in the word “human” means to be in the water. They are of the land. Human means of the land or of the dirt and soil.

It was what humans used to justify their taking of the land. The Bible and Biblical teachings are older than people think, but the Bible was still written by those humans wanting to take power, resources, and land from the non-humans.

Humans and human-like aliens, clones, hybrids, etc. may not like to hear it, but the Kindred were born to surf.