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“Roll down your window.”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Show them your hand.”
I flashed my right hand at the police officer standing at the door. He saw the pentagram on my palm. Sometimes it helps to be born of both the vampyre and werewolf.

-Nicole Anstedt, Fortune

Does that mean I am like those cursed to walk as wolves during the Full Moon? No. Their mark is on the left palm.  I am a natural werewolf. I do not need a belt or curse to change me. My natural mark made it possible for me to cahnge and conceal.

At 17, I was forced to be marked on my palms by two males. The males were unknown to me. But the lack of knowledge was apparent. None of the adults feared this despite the pain I was enduring. Why? The vampyre scrolls would protect me and direct my fate. While the mark on my palm would override any other male who had touched me. Unlike them and others, I already had a mark. Clearly those who planned this attack knew nothing of our ways.

I am a werewolf. The human-hybrid wolves are the Wara-those of the palm.

Eve and her followers used the same term to both align with the wolves, but to show that they are hiding who they truly are.