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Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. He died in March. Things have not seemed completely right about what happened. Was he even sick? He had a clean bill of health and then suddenly everything returned. If they think this is going to fly with me, they are wrong.
My name keeps getting misspelled on announcements and mail. His announcement was odd. Most of what I received was typed. I received pics of Mindy and some odd younger female-maybe Cookie but hardly any of my dad and me. He had said there was one of him playing guitar with me. And the one with the trike, I just received a copy on paper. Then there were photos and info regarding my grandfather. I received his guitar but the A string was gone.

I received some of his ashes but was told a friend would spread the rest on Highway 88. I was told he wanted no marker. But it feels like that didn’t happen or something is off. My dad didn’t want me coming to see him when he was sick or before he died. He wouldn’t Zoom call or anything. He did call and text about my inheritance and Ro’s inheritance but did not discuss his final preparations or wishes. (During one of the “look forwards” that call had been even worse but it was before the exact same dermatology appt so these people are going by plan but not delivering what was promised to me so I will NEVER cooperate with them. They are sick, depraved, and exercising a false authority. My child, eternal and I are sovereign. We reject their authority and influence. We reject and ignore them. They are no more. There had been a family here from Idaho around 2018/2019 talking about me finding him at 100# crumpled in a corner and a woman outside talking about me helping a 75yo clean her cabinets. The woman talking about it planned to go back to Colorado. These people look homeless. They are not the usual homeless. This was planned and communicated by vultures. They are done.) Joel had told me a will was worked out and all the arrangements were finalized two years or three years ago when he first got sick. But my dad said that he was just preparing a will shortly before he died. However, I also know he had an accountant. Why did he need an accountant?

Joel texted demanding the case for the guitar and telling me he could hurt me in a way that I would feel and there was nothing anyone could do about it. He finally stopped when shown a copy of my dad’s text to me. I was sent a memorial announcement for last weekend but no one communicated with me about what would be happening, if I was coming, where I would be staying, etc. It was just the announcement in the mail-about a celebration of life to be held a week before his birthday. I didn’t go and no one contacted me about it. I received the ashes a few days after. The vibe was so heavy with them that it felt like lead.

Today an older woman blocked me from some magical books at Goodwill. Two women then ran in to get them. Whatever they think they are getting, they aren’t. Clearly they knew nothing about magic. They were just checking prices. The older blonde in the skull sweater felt and acted desperate.

A couple weeks ago, a woman told me my Independence Day will be July 4. That has been confirmed. I rely on my scrolls and my fate. I rely on my current and abilities. Their ties to us are broken for eternity.

And eventually I will get my father a memorial. He will NOT be erased from Nevada.