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This is why they keep me and my eternal apart but our scrolls are more powerful than any force in the universe. Why do you think the Elder Scrolls are based on them? Idiots. Seriously. They thought they could stop us or our destiny or our blessings? No. Let them laugh now and cry later. His liberation is nigh. We will never be under their control again and they will never have control of our children or harm our children again. They are pathetic and it is time for them to leave.

Alien and human eugenics. It is not always about color.

We aren’t taking your diseases or karma or issues. Your tactics won’t work anymore. You get none of our belongings or gifts, power, or energy. You have been seen. Your words have been heard. Your insults are nothing. We know who you are and what you are. You are filth. The trash of the universe. The scrolls speak of it and are known. They have been activated. I watched and wept. Now only you will be watching and weeping until the end of all days. Our futures from here on are blessed.

The scrolls will set this correct. Regardless of what you think or want. Period.