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My aunt is a year younger than me. When all of my stuff went down at 17, she insisted on becoming a vampire. I didn’t owe her anything and I explained that the change would kill her. She is not biologically a vampire. Even becoming a hybrid is a technical process and she was not chosen to become one-it was against her fate. But jealous bitches do even when they can’t. She can never be a vampire. Her social media posts these days are showing that process has begun. They are simply altered humans but nothing more and that abomination will be their end. It was agreed they would have the time until I woke up and they all tried to extend it but what did any of them truly do with their gifts and blessings? That is why no human will ever get those again. It was wasted with every single one of them. And they paid with their souls. There is proof now. As is the proof in her dental changes over time.

There is no escaping original fates. She cannot be what I am. Now she has to be what she was destined for before her time runs out and that clock is ticking fast.