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I pray you are asleep.
Panty waist? Calling a vampyre a sissy or effeminate man? A prime. Are you fucking kidding me?
He said it straight-faced because he meant it.
You were dizzy because we are not meant to give blood as donation. You were not properly prepared. We don’t donate to them. They can’t use our blood for their surgeries. It gets sold. Someone paid handsomely for that. You became something’s fucking spell, experiment, or meal. They’ve probably been eeking out every drop. Stop.
Trust I was the same when asleep-thankful for their fucking crumbs. That will never happen again.
Now they will know change.
But dfg-they are insulting you and you posted it. A direct quote from his fuckery and disrespect. You didn’t know he or his wife were dead because they or their lodge didn’t like or respect you. Don’t eulogize him. Erase him. Ignore and forget his very existence.
Pancake breakfasts? I understand there are hoops but even asleep I didn’t play that deep. I guess the good news is you know how to make them.
I also pray you wake up before they do any further damage to you.
Yes, I understood the cake. Her one year of “her choice.” And she chose blood and chocolate. For the same reason she leaned into some human piece of shit “wolf.”
I guess I tried to send the same for Valentine’s Day-my blood and some chocolate.
I had sent a book. The bell scared you and never arrived. And the candle, well we hadn’t quite made it to that point.
If you are just playing along, you are making like Buster on skates atop a beam balanced across a sneezing elephant a hundred feet in the sky without a safety net.
I do not care who you stay with. I do not care if you do not love me, acknowledge me, want me, desire me, etc. ever again. I don’t even care if you never remember me. My life might be the easier for it. I have been your twin for billions of years-since the dawn of time. Nothing changes that. Nothing will take away the ache you feel for me. Nothing will take you out of my orbit. Nothing will comfort the jealousy you will feel when I am finally living again-whether you understand it or not.
I am not jealous of anyone with you, married to you, or anyone you have been sexual with. They are all absolutely repulsive to me. I could never be jealous of a human or hybrid. I only pity your experiences and what your soul must be enduring each time you indulge that dirge and gutter trash. And I have seen the real them and what you have done with them. It made me vomit. You became untouchable for a long time. Not out of jealousy but because of the manipulation they did to make us be with far lesser beings. Comfort at what price? Look at them with your true eyes. Try not to be sick then.
Slaying you with jabs??
Did he repeatedly disrespect you? We may have been their guardians but they are complete and utter filth. A woman watched me in a panic trying to find my child. I looked directly at her and asked for help. Then I watched as she shrugged and shoved her face with more pizza. I am no longer their guardian nor do I have any interest in being that ever again. They are deplorable, hateful, arrogant, vile, and disgusting beings.
Don’t get any vaccinations or injections. Trust your body.
If any try to physically assault you, you will awaken and they will know what that means.
And everything they have said and done has been seen and recorded.
They agreed to that the minute they accepted any payment, downloaded the app or made a report.
So, more importantly, they will soon know what I mean-just as they will know the ramifications for being what they truly are.