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They were human to begin with. Existing humans who were changed. And those clones had a plan.. First, to take from me and those I knew. Then do us better than we could. They would put themselves in all the photos, take credit for all the work done.Look better than us, be better connected, be wealthier, etc. They would also support each other and attack those outside of their circle (us). They would do everything they could to stunt our movement and success. Next, they would take over our areas in the occult, arts, etc. Once they had attained success there, they would flip the script and become successful normies as atheists or the religious and push us all out once we recovered or got our balance. Then flip again and dominate both sides.

I recognized one of them (Handle F.L.) who had tried to force W. into telling him a handle I was going to use so he could use it first and shut down anything I had planned.

I am a vampyre goddess. Who the fuck do you think you all are? YOU ARE HUMAN.

The answer is No, bitch. You are being told and shown No. We are the real. You are the fake.

And the only place you are all going is in the trash where you belong. You never should have been. And what you have, as modified humans, can no longer be.