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1. Don’t follow ghoul or skelly direction. Her hand on your shoulder makes it look like she is protecting you as a human. Also, she is leaning into the other male. “What a coincidence.”
2. Watch out for anyone named Billie. Don’t go by that name or Bill anymore. Start the transition away from the human nickname. Also think of any time you said something made you “feel like a kid again.” That will be a clue to one of the puppet masters.
3. They are making you into a puppet and have every intention or expectation of you returning to being a vampyre but doing their bidding. Also they will be returning you to the tux and adding red or you will choose it. People shouldn’t get used to you in purple. Since in the movie it is working for someone with a terminal illness, you are still playing drums for the dumb rock and your face is still two sides, I am guessing the bidding will be for Eve or Eva or whatever third bride you think you have.
4. The tricycle and Mary Janes are something you took from a little girl or you are acting like a child/little girl or there is a little girl sharing your embodiment. Could also represent ruby slippers or clown shoes. Or initials MJ/JM.
5. Your smile was tense and forced. Also, you are bloating. You have to watch that and figure out why.
6. (James) W.A.N. (First initials or last)

7. They are trying to make the hairline permanent..

8. In a short film, he is seen with a green hat and electronic cackle. Fake witch?? Leprechaun? Not sure.

9. Be authentic.
Hope some of this helps.