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Main character Emery is living in Portland but from an island.
Set in some mythic PNW island called Soirse.
But author is from NC.
Magical witchy family on island that Emery is from.
Mystery ensues.
Sure sounds similar to the currently unpublished but copyrighted Witch of Whidbey.
And the cover for Cabin in the Woods like a lot like Ebey’s Landing.

(Mere Mortals in a Cabin in the Woods Cast Spells for Forgetting.)

I would think they are too young to be part of anything from the past but Joel Sandvos lived in Roseville and that is only 2 hours from Reno.

Anyway, Emery was a guy who worked at Record Haven in Oak Harbor.
Nixxie is a take on Nyx (goddess of Night/Darkness-see House of Night reference) also the Nixxie/Nik/Nic/Nokken of mythology.
Lily for Lilith.
Dutch might be a reference to Mack Morgan since Lily’s last name is Morgan.
There is an actress with the name Soirse Ronan (and that is part of my son’s name).

I noted all of this on Goodreads and will do the same on Amazon when they are open for reviews.

I will openly call out anyone who takes any elements from my intellectual property-even if reworked.