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Over 30 years ago, in Gold n Silver, Eve reappears and gives me a series of challenges. One is to make a creative project with the name Rome in it that is not specifically about Rome. Now that I think about it, why would she call Rome by that name? Rome was originally Roma (Romanian/Roman). Both were named after Amor (for Aphrodite-goddess of love-and the love between my mate and I). Eve later renamed it Rome and created the story of her suckling the twins Romulus and Remus as a she-wolf.

Also at that time humans demanded sacrifices and blessings for me. In return they begrudgingly agreed to honor a small statue of me. I now see they have not done so. I am taking back all blessings given to them under threat, duress and misinformation. Gods and Goddesses are not sacrificed. Vampyre do not owe peasantry anything. I will not be shamed or threatened into giving what is mine ever again. I claim my birth rights. I am who I say I am and nothing anyone does will change that.