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1. Melissa (Bakersfield). Could it be more obvious who is behind it? Either Ares took to my priestesses and made them Melissas so he could have his way with them and never forget a name/it was his favorite’s name or this is Artemis/Athena/Eve.TM Aries/Tim Ares (Bellingham? That would explain his reaction. But hitting my car??)And I wonder where Melissa got the idea for her husband?? Watch those cars. Watch those breaks. Watch who you are getting herded toward.
2. My dream last night. I had a small house in the family that was supposed to go to me but the people I knew who were living in it got driven out by some drug-addict ex-cons. There were three I think. They also had access to my car but had a designated driver so it didn’t crash or get ruined. A couple came to visit me and tell me. I told them I had seen the people living in it but none had said anything. So I went down and kicked the ex-cons out but there were needles all over the yard and they dumped some in the yard where I was living so I had to find an expert in removing them.
3. Also in my dream. I was with my son and we had enough time to pick up his dad from the airport. We waited and didn’t see him so I asked. But the name I used was Don and I said my grandfather. They said he had gotten on the plane but not left it. They said he might have gone down a special path or “shoot” for America because he wanted to end up in California with Jenny McCarthy. The lady in front of the seat had thrown up and the stewardess said, “Yay, berries” sarcastically. (I had bought Welch’s just berry fruit snacks last night). So we kept asking. Finally a stewardess outside said he had been chosen to go to space. But when we finally find him, he looks like Shawn. We are surrounded by NASA employees and he is being very smug. He plays he a song saying he is leaving me and I say good and that by the time he gets back, the locks will be changed. Then there was a guy with dark hair cozying up to him and I said, “He thinks you are gay.” Shawn said, “I’m not gay.” And I said, “Well, he thinks you are.”