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Eve liked to refer to herself as a she-wolf.
One of her favorite cities-the city she thought of as hers was Rome.
Now I know why I reacted with such hostility to that female who had her shirt off outside.
To humans, that is a sign of mental illness or sexual freedom.
With Eve, that was a sign of war. Any time Eve or her followers wanted to fight, the females would lower or remove their tops.
That is what the female outside of my home was doing.
And the male (with human) outside of William’s home was doing the preliminary searching and wandering around. He is a good three years away from this point in the process if we allow them to handle the timeline.
Which we cannot because it is their means of mind control, power, and directing events.
I saw that female again a few days later.
She was walking down the street, fully dressed and looking quite presentable.
They are looking for a reaction. Likely for the human “wolves” doing some minor construction nearby.
As Eve knows-I, unlike her, never disappoint.