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She reached out to me in the 5-D and we talked about their relationship.
“Honestly, he feels more like my brother.”
I told her that she needed to tell him. He would understand.
But the real problem happened way back in 1991 when she met a “wolf” and they decided to have a romp upstairs (“my” bed). I believe that is when the bed actually broke.
R. would go on to marry L. and chew through endless women.
Z. had married N. but both were fairly liberal regarding that area of their life.
I was with N.(not romantically) when we got back to the house and heard Z.
W. and I reacted and the result of us being together brought R. and Z. running downstairs.
I remember them both saying that could never happen again. Not what they had done-me and W.
N. explained to her that I came from a different culture and what they had done was a betrayal.
She didn’t understand.
Now I see that was their true end. She didn’t understand him either.
Also, there was the little matter of R. and Z. falling in love with each other.
I was in love with W. but R. needed us to keep up appearances or have to face the entire COS–including two vying for hp position-one being her husband who was a rather formidable magician himself and physically quite intimidating.
Of course, W. was at the end of yet another human marriage and was, unbeknownst to me, already seeing others on the side.
His then soon-to-be ex languishes and lingers to this day in hope of their reconciliation and a YA series showed the “hybrid” had not died as thought.
There were a hundred thousand events and words in between.
This latest marriage was arranged but he had already chosen a hybrid over me anyway.
The magicians “protecting” him took the last letter I wrote to him. They put it in someone else’s writing. She changed the photo album I made for him to be her face. He said “she” “forced” him to make a curse jar for me as a gift. It was beautifully done. The wax on top still held even when I found it on a shelf at Goodwill. As tempted as I was to have it, he had already told me it was cursed, and luckily something within remembered just in time.
He gave away the gifts he had given me.
There was a bite and the forget and lots of sleep.
And that was that.