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I am not sure if anyone even reads this yet or if he does. If he does, then he posted video footage from his security camera onto a Next Door App.

Here is the thing, look at the dude’s arms. You have a werewolf rummaging through your trash. It might be a clone which would explain why he is being stupid af/careless/brazen. They were not socialized or taught the ways. And they have not dealt with true vampyre. Their instincts are likely more human and that would explain why he is rolling with one of their females (plus witness/alibi).

My child’s father had one go through the door-literally body shaped- at his work and take computers. And ate copious -and I mean A LOT- amounts of cereal for the carbs.

I cannot remember names right now-just faces. Eve/Evie…perhaps also Natalie/George/Stevie…whomever was supposedly given the opposites (names not faces) which is why (well, one of the reasons) the trick bitch wanted my memories, so she could pretend to know people by sight and name (to be my copycat/ if). Anyway, he looks related to one I know who might have been a Scott-Jeff-or Greg. But I honestly cannot remember names right now.

They might be looking for receipts or signatures but I am guessing they are looking for signs that you are awake and an active vampyre. They (or someone close to them) went through my trash for years–either the homeless people tied to Eve/Eva and the wolves or whatever. Werewolves don’t usually go through people’s trash or head into urban centers or get caught on cameras. They would know you have the Ring and they would move at night. He is with a human female so obviously gives zero fucks about being seen. He wants you and I to know he walked straight onto a vampyre’s property and you not only didn’t sense him (which shouldn’t happen) but you didn’t do shit. The only thing that might explain it is you having werewolf blood but then you should be even more sensitive-not oblivious. Or you are not who you used to be but you still have the marks so I am guessing you are asleep or under a spell.

That is dangerous. Period.

Maybe they are trying to figure out what is going on. Or you said/did something they didn’t like and they are flexing on you.

But if you are not awake, that is even more dangerous.

You are not human. The truce only lasted through me waking up unless you all were able to extend it. My hope is they are trying to help us against whomever is doing this. But…

Be careful!

And for fuck’s sake get some Arlo cameras with microphones on the sides and back of your house. They aren’t likely going to ring the damn doorbell.