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Ever wonder why your fingers are growing shorter and fatter?
or why your belly is growing as a vampyre?
Ever wonder about the asymmetry of your face? Why the right side is so puffy? You couldn’t decide between me and Eve. You had been deceptive and worked against me despite being my true love and counterpart.
You could not resist her or her temptations.
So you were made two-faced.
An even split until you could finally decide between us.
Interesting that her side is very puffy-like needing to check electrolytes or kidney function.
I am sure you are fine and she is just giving you the illusion but she is also taking your hair. You should probably see which witch you know is cutting fabric every month or so.
Georgie? Stevie? Evie? Shari?
You have dipped your stick so many times that they now have immediate access to your energy.
Why do you think you look the way you do?
And the one at home is trying to kill you.
Because Eve hates you.
So do they.
But the adoration and compliments are hard to walk away from aren’t they? To be truly desired and show it off to your friends.
Listen to their conversations.
Ignorance is not bliss.
I have been listening for actively for a year. I would have kicked your family’s asses to the curb and barred every member of your circle.
The dot under your eye is an example of what Eve is doing. Trying to grow what is ugly upon what is beautiful-to mar it.
She is not long for this world and neither is Eva. Then they will be no more.
If you want to resign to the dirt like a mortal man, then release our contract and the bind you placed on me.
You have not even marked your young.
I want no part of the sickness you have. I don’t need humans the way you do.
Release me. Release the vampyre. Embrace humanity and your end.
Tick tock. Tick tock.
The crocodile was Eve-just like her crocodile tears.
And Eva is her twin.