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I do not feel any (ANY) jealousy over the humans or hybrids selected by hybrids. Nor would I over any human or hybrid selected by W. I will never chase a male and I am not into females. Humans put filth on you. They contaminate. I have no interest in dating any of you, marrying any of you, or playing little family to your human sick. I will wait for one worthy of me.

Parading your females around me is feeble . I am neither jealous nor impressed.

I do not care about their money or accomplishments. That is just adding toppings to a Big Mac (cheap, questionable meat).

For W. Our problem was your lack of passion and my inexperience with life. Maybe there were a thousand others that I have forgotten.I have seen what you have been up to over the decades. Enjoy Chicago or Salem. I am keeping the W.C.

Had you taken to trolling the burbs? Your pick-ups have not been top-drawer humans, let alone vampyre. Rather than being with the true upper echelon of human society (as you are still able), you are tricking out with desperate human housewives. How can you even be satisfied after that? No wonder you are so hungry. Who would be jealous of that?

I’ve been there. Running through them to gain satiety or completion that cannot be found with their kind.
I did not understand why at the time. A complete waste.

You toss a broom between their thighs and think that means something? Human bloodlines are meaningless to us anyway. And breeding anything with them (if even possible) only turns out human. Even the hybrids are just fangy humans.

W- What about your existing one? Not created the way you think and the proof was “assisted” by you know who and Utah.
W- Sex magick? Not possible with them-soulless husks. There is something to be said for zombies and succubi but fulfillment in any sense is not one of them. They are getting more being with you than you will ever get from them. And that is exactly what they are looking for.
W-The one sitting at home? Break the spells and you will see. But let’s just say the mask in the middle (which you don’t necessarily mind) but also enemy. She may share your kink but not your actual self or life. You are living her way. Take off the rose-colored glasses. You can always put them back on but at least see what is. Be careful of being yoked for money when you don’t need to be.


I am returning to what was and what could have been and dropping the human assholes and their ilk at the gate. I have no use for them, their world, or their ways.

They have taken pieces of us for millennia. They are no longer useful to us. I am done with them completely.

My future is Evergreen.

Enjoy your humans/being human, darling. I wish you all the best.

I love you.