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Noel got a text this morning from the neighbors saying there was a nude woman in the courtyard. They said her name was Michelle and that she slapped someone yesterday. It sounded like her home was across the river.

I went out and she yelled over something like I was her 4567 or “that’s my 4567. Then she started walking toward me. I pulled down my mask and for some reason we got into an argument but I didn’t understand half of what was
said. Part of my brain and that female obviously did.

Her body was not nude. Her top was pulled down and she pulled it back up.

She said she was 48 years old.

I told her to bow and she asked why. I said because this is mine. She vacillated between compliance and defiance but I am not sure the source for either.

She said it was her family and she wanted her son. When she said the full name (that I can’t remember) all I could think of was Jet. She again said it was her son and I informed her he wasn’t.

What else, her family are the Sinclairs or are Sinclairs.

Then she asked if I really wanted to go back to that and I said I was that.

She said this wasn’t her war but she was out there protecting me and fighting for me.

I told her to go home and she said no.

This passage from Strong Greek’s makes more sense in the context of her saying “it’s not my war.”

Another possible meaning…

This wasn’t the first woman to appear topless around here. A year or so ago, the neighbor across the way (J) had a friend over (heavier set with short blonde hair) who pointed her rather deflated, sagging breasts over at my sons window. It was dark outside, the window coverings were open, the light was on and she was staring right at his window. I immediately left the room.
Obviously there was some kind of magic intended because neither of these women had a reason to show their breasts and both covered up as soon as I saw them. Someone tried to say she was me (as Michelle Nicole Robinson) but I knew better. Back when all of this happened there was a crew of (Stone Cold Killers/SCK) who came to vulture off the vultures and she wanted my memories and life. So they were all vying for it…something they can’t have. Nothing in my fate says to watch out for some skank human bitches or anyone else taking what is mine. And now they are feeling the pain. She isn’t me. Just another tired-add wannabe who can’t and couldn’t handle being the real thing. The person who told me her name will never contact me again now that I remembered what happened. He was wrong.