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1. There is a skull looking out from your house but also kind of represents binoculars. You are being watched. And balls-you might have to start standing up for yourself more. Whoever has you sexually or emotionally sprung or pushed up against a wall doesn’t have you by the balls the way everyone seems to think.
Either something relating to that house or situation is ending or that is a source of ill will.
2. There is a skull with partial skeleton pointed and looking directly at your chest-heart or lungs. Be careful with smoking. Yes, you enjoy it. No, you will not like the coming effects. No, they can’t give you something deadly but… It is not the natural state of things but rather spellwork. Possibly voodoo or Santeria but who can say. Trace it and that ish right back to sender.
3. There is an X on your left eye. Either that is a target or they are not allowing you to see something.
4. There is an owl’s face on the pipe. Something may still be in the tobacco but you or someone else is aware.
5. Right eye has obscured sight.
6. Skull on trees/hedge/plants over your right (our left) shoulder are the source of some animosity. Not sure what or who is beyond them. Or maybe a gardener or someone who trimmed them? It is smaller and pointed just in your general direction so they may hate you or are envious or want the property. They might also be hearing tales they believe. Be careful around equipment or others using equipment. Bitch slashed you in half once after saying she loved you. For real be careful.
7. Some kind of animal skull. Maybe a horse below right front shoulder. Possibly male Woodpecker or Jay with that.
8. Stream coming out of temple toward house. Someone can read your thoughts or is taking ideas/information from your subconscious.
9. Looks like tooth-shaped skull on left shoulder. Be careful of dentists, especially if they want to do crowns or take molars. Witch might be gunning for your teeth via root canal. Also be careful what you hear from those of left-hand path or what you say to them.
10. Mole on forehead looks okay. (The one in Mexico doesn’t.) Docs might try to remove that one at the same time as others. Don’t unless it gets dark. They can’t remove our marks and are idiots but when has that ever stopped them. Get the one under your eye checked. It’s nothing but watch it for blood, darkening, etc. Someone prob trying to give you a witch mole.

Has anyone ever asked why your hair still grows in black?
You are so cute, I could sock you in your arm.
Don’t “Oh lil” me. We have rules and roles that predate any of them and a love forever after, dork.x

Let’s hope I am the SSI to Hermes, right? 🙂

At least in our reality it was a shapeshifter. Sorry.:(

Further evidence of their theft and desperation.

Love ya Gandalf.
-Radacrast ;0-