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You are correct. This experience changed me.
Made me rougher around the edges than I used to be.
This glam vamprincess still has it going on
but I will roll you quicker than you can spit.
Remembering only a handful of yesterdays,
some of those memories are wrong.
Watching them trying to pull our strings
Having no patience for any of it.
When he tied the knot, she turned to me
in the shadow
told me that I wasn’t just going to be hopping in anymore
that they were going to be living the way she wanted now.
That was almost 15 years ago.
Prison doesn’t last as long as you have.
And your plan ran into a hitch.
The page in this story
just flipped bitch.
No more bellbottoms, paisley or Deep Purple cow.
We are eternal.
You aren’t divine or infernal
Not deserving of my respect.
Thinking I want to be like you.
Go back and do a second check.
You were a blip on the screen.
Who told you this was forever anyhow?
Ciphon off someone else soul sucker.
Go ahead and flex on me human fucker.
The day has dawned.
Time for bridges to burn.
It’s my turn.
He actually kept seeing me long after they got married. That spur of the moment event was my idea anyway. He didn’t want to suffer your wrath for not having a big birthday present. Everyone knows I am his vampyre wife. It only stopped when I was about to meet my second mandated mortal husband. My vampyre tends to be possessive and said he didn’t want to watch me living this part of my life. It was difficult for me to watch him as a father so I understood. He said my husband and I would be watching lots of movies (which was our thing), well we haven’t. You can choose slow death with your human. Somewhere you forgot yourself or she snuck someone else in. If you are hers then you are hers. But I will never be as them or ever wish to be. There is nothing I admire in them or want to emulate. Perhaps I have been surrounded by the worst of humanity. Those not caring when I asked for help finding my son. The cow just shrugged and fed her face. The other making my son upset when I questioned why he wouldn’t sell me a pendant. We all know some sad human female is watching me and trying to copy my every move. The worker was going to hold it for her. This is what the vampyre and the system have come to? This is our society?
As you say, no thank you.