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This book cover cross art looks an awful lot (read identical) to one I designed in 1991 based on the TOPY cross.
If Charlaine Harris or her agent or her attorneys or her publishers or cover artist would like to categorically deny that or prove ANY part of that assertion wrong, I welcome them to say so AND provide the proof of their FULLY original concept art and that it had NOTHING to do with either TOPY or my drawing or my group or my religious beliefs.

I also fully welcome Charlaine Harris, her editors, her agent, her attorneys, and her publisher to deny in any way that I am the person she based Sookie and Gunnie Rose on. And I FULLY welcome the same people to deny watching my social media, my website, stealing ideas (past or present), or writing stories based on my life (past or present) etc. I welcome the same of other authors, like PC Cast and Stephanie Meyer, also. Discovery on these would be an ABSOLUTE joy.

And they know the rules if they lie or fabricate or try to say they don’t recall when they do. And they cannot use “influenced by” as a workaround. If they do not tell the truth, they (and everyone and ANYONE who lies in support of the lies of others, attempt to give credit to someone else, or is involved any part of a cover-up relating to me or my ideas or IP) lose EVERYTHING-money, fame, reputation, memories, belongings, legacy, beauty, vitality, longevity…EVERYTHING.