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Eve has natural dark hair. She also tans darkly very quickly and easily to where she can pass for any darker ethnicity.
There are several dolls that she has tried to have made in her image and she has tried to claim the Goose lineage (hers is Ostrich by adoption) and my lineage is Red Riding Hood.

Here is another doll that Eve had made in her image instead of mine and wearing one of her colors (white). Mine had been black, purple, red, vermillion, blue and pink. I will sometimes wear white but do not own much of it except as a shirt or accent. And I have a cream athletic coat but cream is not a color she wears.

This was spraypainted by my house. You can see the half and half (not lopsided) features. And I write a nickname of mine (Love) backwards (Evol) to match someone else. She writes it the regular way.

She is not any of our kinds but will often claim to be woodwose or human when around them or at least their “mother.” While she was anointed by Adan Adam as a werewolf, she cannot change and she has always resented not being a vampyre.