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I was thinking about some recent online discussions I had with others and it made me a bit more curious about their responses.

“You don’t even know what you are talking about. We don’t use that terminology. You don’t speak or sound like us”
Thank all the gods for that. If I did, I would be a human poser like her. I do not want to know or use any terminology created by humans, hybrids, or vampyre over the last 30 years. I want to dismantle everything they created or added so what they do now is irrelevant to me.

“I belong to a very large cabal.” She then posted a photo of my child to threaten me.
Let’s see how long your “cabal” will stand if you try to make good on that.

“I have a 55-year-old witch mother and a 65-year-old witch mother. So you had better watch out.”
I am a high priestess in my embodiment, a vampyre, and a goddess. I don’t have to watch out. I am the monster you read about and that appears in movies about my life, not witch mothers. Also, I have a witch mother, you have probably heard of her. Additionally, why do I care about their ages? And I question your skill if they had to double-up for no apparent reason. Perhaps he is their toy or handyman?

Then on the VampFangs IG, I questioned why they were highlighting vampire hunting kits in advertising for their museums. A female “art student” chimed in that I was a psychic vampire due to our argument and my membership in the TOV. Here, human, illustrates why you can’t even pass for a vampire. We do not fail. We will not stop arguing simply because you have tired of it. And at that moment, had you not relented, I would have carried on until you literally lost the will to live-simply for the sake of doing it. We do not think like humans, nor will we ever strive to live like you, cater to your needs, gain your acceptance or meet with your approval. We do not adhere to human standards or expectations. Because to do otherwise, would make us like you.

Of course, then the owner wanted to inform me that they are vampyre witches (whatever the fuck that means, human). The only kind of true vampirism (other than basic blood consumption) a human can partake in is psychic and they teach classes to defend against that. So what kind of vampires are they? The fake kind, in every way, from their heads down to their toes and everything between.