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The end of us? Was it the continuous string of humans? The marriage to your cow that I had to be in despite our numerous vows? The goth one after that? Your  viper bite and how it changed you toward me? The sidewinder? The baby demon? Giving away my gifts? Not defending me? The next one changing the scrapbook photos to show herself by your side? Those memories are FALSE. It was ME. I can’t wait for you to see who was really painting that robot or for your to know her true age. Do you really think she is just aging well? It is all LIES. All illusions that the mighty Azazel..the mighty Samael fell the hands of humans. I remember us watching movies all the way to what was it, 2010 or 2011? You demanding me popping in so you did not have to spend time with her. Your hurried last minute nuptials as a birthday present. You never wanted to marry her. And I am tired of the lies. Me turning to you while we were embracing and asking what that noise was and you said it’s a cat purring and us laughing. How thankful your neighbors were when it changed back to just her and you had gotten over your “honeymoon” phase. I’m kind of loud when I am enjoying myself. Isn’t it crazy how less “her” she has been for like the last decade to fifteen years? Didn’t they say that is just what marriage does to a person? Is it? Really? Don’t you miss our movie nights? Or falling asleep together in your coffin-me on top of you? The “ear” in the rock/geode (salt) was passed along to many. E, Z. and P., PJ, PC, S. and even F. and Cathy, Shari, Stacy and Sue. Each one calling you their bitch and having a taste of my eternal.Laughing with their humans at your quiet desperation when you thought it was appreciation. A vampyre for their abuse, pleasure and taking. To waste you away until nought was left for me. But when you went to Lori, I just couldn’t. She had already taken too much. Now she can take no more. Both she and her Puck are fading. With her will go the others of her line. So now you can entertain yourself with who she really is and what she really was with what time she has remaining. Worthy of a vampyre she is not and will never be. She cheapens you. And now you are surrounded by trash. Filth has touched every pore on your body and oozes from you as you continue to talk to them and cater to their desires. I can barely tolerate watching anymore. I will no longer be humiliated by you, your humans or your antics.

But let me tell you a secret you may have forgotten. The “human” little families were never to be the dominant full-time family. They are the little family. Mainly to placate homesick hybrids. To build our alliances among the humans and create those (often) nasty little demi-gods demanded by Adam and Eve. That is the little family. We are meant to be your main family-your vampyre family. You have consistently placed humans above me and before me. But no more. Your changes are already happening. In time, you will be human and join them in the dirt. No more god, no more vampyre. You will finally have your peace. They will have finally sucked dry the mighty prime. The fallen right hand of God will be no more. A mere whisper of what was/ The myth of the humans who brought down the gods with their science, magic, and manipulation. The rock was so she could hear you play. You chose. I won’t be hopping in anymore or allowing any of you access to me. I won’t be releasing that valve. Let’s see how long your human harems last then. Also, as Aphrodite, none will ever want to taste of them again. They will be the true dried up prunes they are with no fruit or nectar to share.

And your little pet with my print (whose father did NOTHING for you and I do not care who they are) is pathetic. Her bragging “rights” are done. I have seen her You Tube channel programs. The accent had better stop immediately. I don’t care if it is Dracula. Her mocking/imitating vampyre while trying to make a name for herself off our backs is disgusting. Also, I will be getting my axe and print back. This is your only notice of such so I suggest your pet and what’s it cooperate. Also, I know about the one from Salem. Really? You are disgusting. Stop with the humans already or just be one. It is foul. And can you even imagine how jealous you would be if I were carrying on that way?

I am watching all of those earning off our culture now-as should someone else since you are seemingly transitioning to human. I will catch-up on the last 30 years. None who made money off me or my story or us will have any further success or funding. You will need a successor-for me/our union and your duties. Because the human scum have made money off of us for long enough.  They have taken from me for long enough. That ends now. They no longer can take from me or my young. We are not theirs to bite, to feed on, or to sacrifice. Their twilight is upon them.

Turn the photos back in the album. See who was truly by your side. Watch the 8-8-88 video to remember who the fuck you were. It certainly wasn’t this. And don’t think I can’t see behind those eyes of yours. You are ready to rip out their throats. So stop the act already.