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Their little myna birds chatter all day and night. Saracastic, half-hearts hoping I will not be embarrassed when I learn of what you are saying and doing. Perhaps they do not realize that piling trash upon trash does not make it more humiliating.

You are barely touching the daemon. This conveys to the others a lack of protection. Yet for your goth twat there is a full hand. Don’t worry, I am looking forward to the moment you let go–if nothing else so I can stop paying her out of our funds. That was so incredibly little to have to pay so much. Also, the birthday cake twist that year was her idea.  But, alas, she was protected as your “family.” Speaking of, to add salt to the wound, allowing a human to touch your shoulder. Again, signaling that you are not only kept, but that she is your protection. Worse that that, though, if one looks more closely, her fingers are closed and only her thumb rests upon you. How true to life body language is.

If only a certain author had known this hallmark hmmm??

No wonder the creator was nervous. You are so kind. I am not.

In my timeline, I had arranged this for you. The result was the same. And you didn’t like the hair used because it looked like a caveman or something. You had taken the same recourse. And then the remainder went to a school project. Seeing this made me happy but also wonder.

In my timeline you gave this to an actress you were indiscreet with (please change the record already, that one is starting to skip). She then lost it. Not seeing this makes me sad. Having to remember the details makes me ill. Good thing it is only my  wretching subconcious mind, eh?

As for my grandfather’s comment to you-well, first, see above, but then watch the interview where you are nursing your finger. How quickly you were willing to lunge in defense of BNSW. But that was in my timeline so who the hell knows what happened here, right?

Also, how do you explain your not having to work? Is it all those inheritances and property management? Just curious how so many got so wealthy in “both” timelines.